Symbiotic Culture




I recently regrew my kombucha production from 2 4-gallon batches to 4 4-gallon batches every two weeks. We could drink more, but I don’t quite have the energy to keep up. This last couple of batches, I decided to try out some flavoring after the initial fermentation. I soaked jars of buch with flavorings such as orange, ginger, nettles & licorice, hibiscus & lemongrass, and a “bloody mary” style with celery, hot peppers, bay leaves, Worcester sauce, and a pinch of salt. Most people were averse to even trying it, but the few of us who did, proclaimed it a refreshing concoction, the acidity and barely alcoholic nature of the buch replacing the tomato and hair of the dog. Overall, the orange & ginger infusions were more popular, but the green nettles also seemed to please. Next time, I’d like to try a medicinal infusion with echinacea, holy basil, nettles, and ginger. Eagerly awaiting the seasons of other flavors, like lavender, elderberry, strawberry, mulberry, and many others that would pair well with kombucha. A year to look forward to!


My sourdough’s second birthday is coming up in March, which I fondly refer to as “Breadiversary.” Read my reflections of the first Breadiversary in my blog post from last year, here:

This year, I am reflecting on the past year of growth and wondering which insights to emphasize. Find a culture that works, and feed it! Persevere through the cold, sour times, by breaking bread with friends. Freedom from fraught modern food culture. Primal truth, back to times of survival only on bread. Better digested grains, unleashing nutrients. My bubbling cauldron is full of life and its unique taste, containing both past and future dough, hope, courage, and determination.