Symbiotic Culture




I recently regrew my kombucha production from 2 4-gallon batches to 4 4-gallon batches every two weeks. We could drink more, but I don’t quite have the energy to keep up. This last couple of batches, I decided to try out some flavoring after the initial fermentation. I soaked jars of buch with flavorings such as orange, ginger, nettles & licorice, hibiscus & lemongrass, and a “bloody mary” style with celery, hot peppers, bay leaves, Worcester sauce, and a pinch of salt. Most people were averse to even trying it, but the few of us who did, proclaimed it a refreshing concoction, the acidity and barely alcoholic nature of the buch replacing the tomato and hair of the dog. Overall, the orange & ginger infusions were more popular, but the green nettles also seemed to please. Next time, I’d like to try a medicinal infusion with echinacea, holy basil, nettles, and ginger. Eagerly awaiting the seasons of other flavors, like lavender, elderberry, strawberry, mulberry, and many others that would pair well with kombucha. A year to look forward to!


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