Yearning for Bernie

I grew up in Vermont, and have long admired Bernie Sanders. I was so excited when I recently saw that one of my favorite Vermont chocolate companies is making a “Feel the Bern” Maple Chipotle bar. That flavor combination sounds awesome, plus $7 per box sold is donated to Bernie’s campaign! Right now they have a goal to donate $2000. Even better, Liberty Chocolates uses only organic honey and organic maple sugar to sweeten their bars, no white sugar! They use organic Peruvian chocolate, which has a wonderful, deep flavor.  What a sweet way to support Bernie.

You may have seen in the news lately about Ben Cohen’s “Bernie’s Yearning” ice cream. It has a chocolate disc on top of the pint of mint ice cream, representing breaking through the top 1% system.  You can enter a contest to win one of only a few pints made.

There’s also a Bernie soap bar from Filthy Farmgirl Soap – they donate 100% of the bar’s profits to the Sanders campaign. The tagline is “Want to help clean up Wallstreet?!” Peppermint helps.

This post is a bit off topic from what I usually write about, but I’ve got a bunch of great new photos (and more recipes) coming soon, once I work out a technical difficulty with my camera.




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