Early Summer Dinner

It has been a busy June, celebrating our farm community’s 50th year. I’m behind in blogging, but have been cooking quite a bit. Now that the huge party is over, hopefully my focus can return. So far this week I only managed to take a few slightly blurry photos (again, focus needed)… I cook a community dinner every Wednesday, and this week I made a big pasta salad with yellow summer squash, sundried tomatoes, olives, fresh parsley & basil, green peppers, cukes, & roasted garlic. ย This meal also included cukes with shredded beets & fresh dill & tarragon, strawberry-apple cobbler, local cheddar, kale salad with kimchi, and a chili leftover from the cookout. What better describes summer nosh than cold salads studded with fresh, colorful veggies?

Berry Delights


Not many strawberries this year


Blueberries are plentiful ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a Blueberry cake, coconut lime (VGF). I like the patterns that the blueberries make when they explode.


one of a couple of herb gardens, from left to right: oregano, sage, garlic chives, rosemary, thyme, sorrel, parsley, basil, & strawberries


Blooming sage, wistful